Unicorn Parties

Today, most little girls ARE IN LOVE with Unicorns! Host a Rainbow and Unicorn party for your special day!  Our Unicorn Party Theme is perfect for a Saturday Pancake Party, Sleepover Party, or ANY fun Birthday Party Celebration!

Fun Kid Parties offers unicorn parties for kids ages 4 and older, and with both a one or, two hour option. Starting at $200 for 10 Kids and Free Bday Girl

Our Unicorn Theme Parties

Option 1: Unicorn Sparkle Party $200

1 Hour Party / 10Kids

Kids Can Dress-Up, Get Sparkly Makeovers, and Enjoy a Fun Craft… Perfect for younger girls Includes:

Dress-Up Fun! Adorable Tu-Tu skirts to wear (over clothes) during the Party

  • Unicorn Craft
  • Fancy Glitter and Gem Bling Makeovers (Bling is re-wearable)
  • Sparkly Lip Gloss Application
  • Pixie Dust Hair Sparkle Application
  • 1 Unicorn Glitter Tattoo (water resistant to enjoy for up to 3 days)
  • Game Time
  • Lots of Photo Opportunities
  • 10Kids Plus Bday Girl (11 total)
  • Children 4 and older

Option 2: Magical Unicorn Party $300

2 Hour Party / 12 Kids

  • Wearable Tutu Skirts (worn over clothes for the duration of party)
  • 1 Unicorn Craft
  • Unique Wearable Unicorn Horn and Fancy Face Painting with Festival Glitter and Sparkling Glamour Gems (horn and gems are re-wearable)
  • Unicorn Hair Glitter Bling (Re-wearable)
  • 1 Unicorn Glitter Tattoo
  • Game Time
  • Music and Microphone for Solo Karaoke
  • Party Props – Unicorn Themed
  • Lots of Photo Opportunities
  • 12 Kids Plus BDay Girl (13 TOTAL) **$10 each addl. child up to 16

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